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Tcl/Tk Training

Tcl/Tk Training Course Benefits

Tcl/Tk is an excellent scripting language for creating cross-platform GUI programs. Our three day, hands-on training class is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to Tcl/Tk.

Tcl/Tk Training - What You'll Learn

  • Day 1
    • introduction to Tcl/Tk using hello, world!
    • scalar data type
    • command evaluation
    • control flow commands
    • subroutines (a.k.a. procs)
    • Tk basics
    • Tk widgets, part I
    • frames
    • pack command
  • Day 2
    • list data type, list commands
    • string commands
    • regular expressions
    • array data type, array commands
    • TK widgets, part II
  • Day 3
    • file i/o
    • sourcing other files
    • command line arguments
    • subprocesses with eval and open
    • more on geometry managers
    • more Tk

Tcl/Tk Training Course Benefits

The students will receive the following valuable materials:

  • Course Participant Guide

Customize The Tcl/Tk Training Course

Here are some ways to tailor this class to your specific needs.

  • extend the class to four or five days, adding advanced topics
  • shorten the class to as little as two days
  • add or remove specific topics

Don't hesitate to let us know how we can assist you or your company.

Schedule a Tcl/Tk Training Class

For more information or to schedule a "Tcl/Tk Training" delivery at your site, contact training@onsight.com.

Client Testimonial

Our instructor James has that rare combination of outstanding soft skills, technical depth, wit, and humor while maintaining utmost professionalism. The down side is that he was so good he left me disappointed with most professional education from other instructors I’ve received since. I’d unreservedly recommend Onsight for any instruction or contract programming needs.

Todd H., Information Security Engineer

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