8. Getting support for Secure Shell

This section gives you a list of references to help you when you run into a problem with Secure Shell.Click here for the contents of this section.

8.1. Who provides support for Secure Shell?

Before going to anyone for support, please read the FAQ (this document :-). Please also read the README and SSH2.QUICKSTART for any general help with SSH2.

The other thing to note is that SSH Communications Security provides support for their commercial customer; however, they do not have bandwidth to handle non-commercial users.

For the non-commercial releases of Secure Shell (including other implementations for UNIX, Windows, etc.), please use the ssh mailing list for support.

There are other links listed below including tutorials and publications that may help you.

If you are using the non-commercial release of SSH Secure Shell as an evaluation before purchasing, please contact SSH Communications Security directly.

8.1.1. What groups can help me with the "free" versions?

Even though Secure Shell does not provide support for the non-commercial release, you can always ask the nice people on the Secure Shell mailing list for help. :-)

Also, you'll see SSH Communications Security staff on the list answering questions at times as well.

8.1.2. How can I get commercial support for UNIX Secure Shell?

Contact SSH Communications Security directly. If you have purchased another vendor's product, please contact them for commercial support.

8.1.3. How can I get SSH Secure Shell support for universities?

Note: If you know where the SANS link is to this, please let one of the maintainers know.

From Steve Acheson, who is responsible for the SANS University Secure Shell program:

SSH2 is now fully available for University use and distribution. The software is available from the SSH, Inc. web site for download with a minimal registration procedure.

The License file is included with the software and is also posted on the web at http://www.ssh.com/products/ssh/ssh_license_agreement.html. This license covers the use of the software by any student, faculty member, researcher, employee or administrator affiliated with a university, other accredited non-profit educational or university-affiliated research institution, or charitable organization.

There is also the ability for any of the above organizations to register for a redistribution license in the event they wish to distribute the software to their constituents themselves.

To get the non-commercial version of the software go to http://commerce.ssh.com and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link for the version you are interested in.

To get the re-distribution license, please go to


and register for the license.

Support for the software is not provided by SSH, Inc. If you are having trouble with the software or have questions, please refer them to the mailing list, ssh@client.fi.

SANS is drafting up a plan to coordinate support issues for Universities by a few key universities, when this is available SANS will issue additional information at that time.

8.2. If F-Secure sells Secure Shell, what does SSH Communications Security do?

SSH Communications Security develops the SSH technology along with IPSec toolkits. However, up until now, SSH Communications Security was not selling Secure Shell--they were licensing it strictly through F-Secure. SSH Communications Security now sells Secure Shell, both Windows and UNIX applications. F-Secure still licenses the UNIX server, but sells their own clients for Windows and Macintosh.

If you have support issues with your commercial product, please contact the appropriate company. Please do not contact SSH Communications Security for problems with F-Secure products, and do not contact F-Secure with problems with SSH Communications Security products.

8.3. Secure Shell Mailing List

If these resources don't help, you can post to the Usenet newsgroup comp.security.ssh or send email to the gatewayed mailing list for ssh users at secureshell@securityfocus.com.

8.3.1. Subscribing

To subscribe to the Secure Shell Mailing List, send an email to secureshell-subscribe@securityfocus.com, leave the subject and body empty.

If you would like to reduce the volume of messages you receive from the list, but still want to stay informed on the discussions, you can receive a digest of all messages once daily rather than each message individually.

To subscribe to the digest, email: secureshell-digest@securityfocus.com, leave the subject and body empty. Remember to unsubscribe from the regular list if you were subscribed and decide to receive the digest instead.

When you subscribe to the list or digest, you will receive a confirmation message back to the subscribed address. When you receive it, simply follow the instructions to complete the subscription.

8.3.2. Unsubscribing

To remove your address from the list, just send a message to the address in the ``List-Unsubscribe'' header of any list message. If you haven't changed addresses since subscribing, you can also send a message to: secureshell-unsubscribe@securityfocus.com

or to unsubscribe from the digest, send a message to: secureshell-digest-unsubscribe@securityfocus.com

Remember to leave the subject and body empty.

When you receive the confirmation message, simply follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

8.3.3. Help / Administration

For help and a description of available commands, send a message to: secureshell-help@securityfocus.com

If you need to get in touch with the human owner of this list, please send a message to: secureshell-owner@securityfocus.com

Please include a FORWARDED list message with ALL HEADERS intact to make it easier to help you.

8.3.4. Mailing List Archives

Before subscribing, you might like to take a look at the archives of the mailing list, at

8.4. Tutorials

There is a decent user level tutorials available on the web:

8.5. Web pages

There are some web pages on various aspects of Secure Shell. Here are the ones I have:

8.6. Publications

There are two articles in SunWorld by Steve Acheson on Secure Shell:

There is a book out on Secure Shell (both SSH1 and SSH2), UNIX Secure Shell, ISBN 0071349332 by Anne Carasik, available from McGraw-Hill Publishing. For those outside of the United States, the book is available without the CD-ROM. I hate the US crypto laws.. :-(

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