6. Patches for Secure Shell

This section gives you information on how to get and apply patches for Secure Shell. Click here for the contents of this section.

6.1. Applying patches for Secure Shell

When you download the patch, make sure you store it in the directory that the distribution is in. For example, if you download the source and store it in /usr/local/src, put the patch in /usr/local/src.

Please cd to your ssh source directory, and give the command:

% patch -p 0 < /path/to/sshpath

Then run make uninstall, make distclean, configure, make, and make install again.

For each individual patch, you may have to follow different instructions. Also, check man patch for more details. The patch command is different on different operating systems.

6.2. Official patch distribution from SSH Communications Security

The official location for recent patches to SSH1 and SSH2 is available from http://www.ssh.com/ssh/patches.html.

6.3. Other patch distributions

These patches may use different instructions than the ones listed above.

James Barlow  maintains a repository for ssh patches at:


His comments:

"I have put in a few patches we have done, a few that have been posted to the newsgroup, and a few others that I know of.  There is a page that describes submitting patches, and if anybody has comments they can let me know.  Most of the patches currently relate to the 1.2.x version, but I can put up patches for the 2.0.x version as well."

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