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Note: The different versions of the Secure Shell FAQ (MS Word, one big HTML page, and the text) are no longer kept up to date.

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This document is currently maintained by Steve Acheson (satch@employees.org).

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If you found a broken link, inaccurate information, or something to add, please send your corrections about the document to Steve Acheson (satch@employees.org).

As much as we'd love to help you, we don't have the time to answer everyone's questions. Please do not email us about technical questions for Secure Shell--direct those to the mailing list. If you are looking for commercial product support, go here.

0.4.  Revision history

This FAQ is created by Anne Carasik and Steve Acheson, based off of the FAQ from Steve Acheson, which is based off of the original FAQ (which no longer exists) by Thomas Koenig.

As for the current document:

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In other words, use your own good judgment :-)

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SSH is a registered trademark ® of SSH Communications Security. Secure Shell TM is trademarked by SSH Communications Security. All further references SSH ® and Secure Shell TM; are rights of their owners.

If anyone else has any copyright or trademark issues, please drop either of the maintainers a line, and we'll fix it.

0.7.  Credits

Most of the credit, of course, goes to Tatu Ylönen for writing Secure Shell and making it available to the public. Also, thanks to Sami Lehtinen and Timo Rinne for currently maintaining the current version of Secure Shell.

Of course thanks go to Steve Acheson and Thomas König for their work in previous FAQs. Also thanks to Brian Hatch, Gregor Mosheh, and Rick Moen for making numerous fixes in the current FAQ.

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